Senior travel

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Sit back, relax and explore

If you’re in your 60s you can use your bus pass to enjoy free off-peak travel on local buses anywhere in England or Wales.

Take advantage of travelling by bus for free to nip into town more often or explore new places. You'll save money shelling-out for petrol and parking. Just sit back, relax and let somebody else do the driving.

Free travel within your county and beyond

No matter how long your journey lasts within your county, it won't cost you a penny. Most senior travel passes issued in England are valid nationwide. However, some counties offer additional extras or restrictions to passengers, so please check the conditions of travel within your county before you travel.

How old do I need to be?

National concessionary travel schemes exist for older people in England and Wales. When you become eligible depends on your date of birth.

Use the Government's eligibility calculator to check if you qualify

Where can I travel?

Senior bus passes offer widespread free travel. However conditions vary depending on where you live.

  • If you live in England: Senior citizens and disabled people can travel free on local buses anywhere in England between 9.30am and 11pm on weekdays and all day on weekends and public holidays.

  • If you live in Wales: Over 60s and disabled people can travel free on local buses in Wales at any time - there are no time restrictions. People living in Wales can also use their passes to travel free on cross-boundary journeys in and out of England, as long as the journey starts or finishes in Wales.

Travelling between England and Wales?

If your bus journey crosses the Welsh-English border you may be charged a fare for the section of the journey outside the country you live in. However some local authorities may offer a concession for the whole journey.

How do I get a free bus pass?

Apply for your free bus pass via your local council's website. Find your council in England or Wales in the lists below.

Need any help? You can also call our friendly customer service team on 0344 800 44 11

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