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A town building on its industrial past for a 21st-century future

The town of Walsall is famed for its industrial past. The population of this medieval town tripled during the 19th-century because of the workers needed for its foundries, ironworks and mines. Walsall is also known for its leather trade, producing handbags for Queen Elizabeth II. Thanks to regeneration projects, Walsall is emerging as a thriving centre of commercial, retail and entertainment facilities. Love trees? Walsall Arboretum attracts more than 1 million visitors every year.

Our bus routes travel in and around Walsall and connect the town centre with outlying areas and destinations such as Cannock and Bloxwich. Why not leave the car at home and relax on the bus? Save petrol, hassle and the stress of finding a parking space.

Bus services in Walsall

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