Diversion of Service 301

From 30th April 2021

From Friday 30th April to Saturday 1st May, between 8pm and 6am, the road between French Horn Lane and Woods Avenue will be closed.

During this time, service 301 will operate its normal line of route towards St Albans until the roundabout with French Horn Lane and Queens Way. The service will then go straight over the roundabout to Wellfield Road, then follow the road along to the fire station turning left into Lemsford Road, turning right by the swimming pool and then back onto the normal line of route.

Buses travelling towards St Albans will operate its normal line of route to Hatfield swimming pool, turning left onto Lemsford Road, then turning right onto Wellfield Road. Buses will then follow the road along to the roundabout, heading straight across into French Horn Lane before returning to its normal line of route.

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