Cancelled services in and around Middlesbrough

29th January 2021

Due to staff sickness, the following services in and around Middlesbrough will not operate tomorrow (29th January 2021).

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Service NumberTimeRoute Description
X516:47Middlesbrough - Easington
908:17Middlesbrough - Overfields
908:53Overfields - Middlesbrough
909:25Middlesbrough - Overfields
909:53Overfields - Middlesbrough
910:25Middlesbrough - Overfields
910:53Overfields - Middlesbrough
911:25Middlesbrough - Overfields
911:53Overfields - Middlesbrough
914:10Middlesbrough - Overfields
914:38Overfields - Middlesbrough
915:15Middlesbrough - Overfields
915:43Overfields - Middlesbrough
916:25Middlesbrough - Overfields
91653Overfields - Middlesbrough
817:32Middlesbrough - Netherfields
818:14Middlesbrough - Netherfields
1711:30Middlesbrough - Inglby Barwick
1712:05Inglby Barwick - Middlesbrough
2913:15Middlesbrough - Marton Cypress Road
2913:55Marton Cypress Road - Middlesbrough
2914:45Middlesbrough - Marton Cypress Road
2915:25Marton Cypress Road - Middlesbrough

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