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Free Arriva WiFi 

An increasing number of our buses have free WiFi available on board, including those running on Sapphire and Max routes. All our new Arriva buses include WiFi as standard.

How to connect to our WiFi

Connecting to the Arriva WiFi is simple, all you need is a WiFi enabled device. Follow the instructions below to get connected:

  1. Select 'Arriva' from the list of WiFi networks available on your device
  2. Launch your web browser and a login page should appear
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect

We’ll always try our best to ensure our WiFi service signal is available but please bear in mind that, at busy times of the day, you may experience a slower connection.

If you experience any problems connecting to WiFi on our buses, please contact your nearest Arriva Bus Office.

Make sure you let us know the bus number you are on, the date and the time. We’ll check the bus as soon as it arrives back in our depot.

Arriva WiFi Terms and Conditions

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