Bus route

X3 from Market Harborough The Square to Leicester Charles Street

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Leicester Charles Street
Market Harborough The Square
Operated by Arriva
Market Harborough Bowden Lane
Market Harborough Police Station
Market Harborough St Lukes Hospital
Market Harborough Gallow Field Road
West Langton Roundabout
Kibworth Harcourt Hillcrest Avenue
Kibworth Beauchamp The Square
Kibworth Harcourt Hillcrest Avenue
Kibworth Harcourt Raitha's Indian restaurant
Kibworth Harcourt Lodge Close
Great Glen Telephone Exchange
Great Glen War Memorial
Great Glen Village Hall
Great Glen Bindley Lane
Great Glen Leicester Grammar School
Great Glen Foxpond Lane
Oadby Gorse Lane
Oadby Highcroft Road
Oadby Florence Wragg Way
Oadby Ash Tree Road
Oadby Owl
Oadby Waitrose
Oadby ASDA
Oadby Glebe Road
Leicester Knighton Road
Clarendon Park St Johns Road
Leicester Granville Road
Leicester Saxby Street
Leicester Station Street
Leicester Charles Street
Leicester Charles Street