Bus route

S830 from Springfields Grindcobbe Grove to Stowe Millers Close
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Stowe Millers Close
Springfields Grindcobbe Grove
Springfields Jeffrey Close
Springfields Harney Court
Springfields Highland Way
Springfields Moss Green
Springfields Morrisons Local
Rugeley Town Centre Plovers Rise
Rugeley Town Centre Frank Gee Close
Rugeley Town Centre Bus Station
Rugeley Wharf Road
Rugeley Newman Grove
Rugeley Ravenhill Terrace
Brereton Buckmaster Way
Brereton Playground
Brereton Lodge Road
Brereton Library
Brereton Coalpit Lane
Brereton Ash Tree ph
Breretonhill Hawkesyard Priory
Armitage The Plum Pudding Inn
Armitage The Croft Primary School
Armitage Rectory Lane
Armitage Shropshire Brook Road
Handsacre Doctors Surgery
Handsacre Village Hall
Handsacre Fair View
Handsacre Hill Top View
Elmhurst Lichfield Golf and Country Club
Elmhurst Park Lane
Elmhurst Sunnyside Farm
Christ Church Grange Lane
Christ Church Eastern Avenue
Christ Church Friary High School
Christ Church Friary High School
Stowe Jude Walk
Netherstowe St. Mary's Road
Stowe Millers Close

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