Bus route

920 St Helens to Haydock Industrial Estate

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North Florida Piele Road
St Helens Bickerstaffe Street
St Helens Exchange Street
Green Bank Linkway West
Green Bank The Shires
Ravenhead Prescot Road
West Park Dunriding Lane
West Park Roby Street
Thatto Heath Whittle Street
Thatto Heath Lacey Street
Thatto Heath Elephant Lane
Brown Edge Balmer Street
Brown Edge Dorothy Street
Sutton Heath Queensland Avenue
Sutton Heath Manley Place
Sutton Heath Basildon Close
Sutton Heath The Broads
Sutton Heath Marleybone Avenue
Lea Green Mere Grange
Lea Green Road
Sutton Manor Eurolink
Micklehead Green St Michaels Road
Sutton Manor Walkers Lane
Sutton Manor Rothbury Court
Sutton Manor Forest Road
Sutton Manor Chandlers Way
Sutton Manor Jubits Lane
Clock Face Cannon Street
Clock Face Pendlebury Street
Clock Face Gartons Lane
Clock Face Leach Lane
Sutton Leach Ilfracombe road
Sutton Leach Ilfracombe Road
Sutton Leach Wheatsheaf Avenue
Sutton Leach Wheatsheaf Avenue
Bold Brindley Road
Bold Eliza Street
Sutton Oak Peckers Hill Road
Sutton Oak Robins Lane
Sutton Oak Carnegie Crescent
Parr Rolling Mill Lane
Parr Berrys Lane
Parr Meadow Lane
Parr Berrys Lane
Derbyshire Hill Downway Lane
Derbyshire Hill Road
Derbyshire Hill Swan Avenue
Derbyshire Hill Provident Street
Broad Oak Mendip Grove
Broad Oak Nicholson Street
Parr Stocks Boardmans Lane
Parr Stocks Gaskell Street
Parr Stocks Ramford Street
Finger Post Sorogold Street
Pocket Nook Street
Pocket Nook Merton Bank Road
Pocket Nook Mulcrow Close
Blackbrook Road
Blackbrook Link Avenue
Blackbrook Chain Lane
Blackbrook O' Sullivan Crescent
Blackbrook Waine Street
Blackbrook Old Whint Road
Blackbrook Sumner Street
Stanley Bank West End Road
Blackbrook Grosvenor Road
Blackbrook Squires Close
Haydock O'Connell Close
Blackbrook Stanton Close
New Boston Grange Valley
New Boston Halton Street
New Boston North Street
New Boston Birch Road
New Boston Bluebell Avenue
North Florida Piele Road