Bus route

89 Maidstone to Coxheath

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Maidstone King Street
Coxheath Park Way
Coxheath Wilberforce Road
Coxheath Gresham Road
Coxheath Westway
Coxheath Primary School
Coxheath Spice Lounge
Coxheath Park Way
Coxheath Heath House
Linton Corner
Linton Salt's Avenue
Loose Rosemount Close
Old Loose Hill
Loose The Walnut Tree
Loose Norrington Road
Loose Anglesey Avenue
Maidstone The Swan
Maidstone Fire Station
Shepway The Wheatsheaf
Maidstone Armstrong Road
Maidstone Heather Drive
Maidstone Sheal's Crescent
Maidstone Postley Road
Maidstone Hayle Road
Maidstone College Avenue
Maidstone Mill Street
Maidstone King Street