Bus route

720 Parr to Clock Face

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Clock Face Gorsey Lane
Parr Brookway Lane
Parr Berrys Lane
Parr Rolling Mill Lane
Sutton Oak Hoghton Road
Sutton Oak Peckers Hill Road
Sutton Oak Ellen Street
Sutton Monastery Road
Sutton Waterdale Crescent
Sutton Highfield Street
Sutton Olga Road
Sutton Rebecca Gardens
Sutton Holbrook Close
Marshalls Cross Mill Lane
Sutton Leach Humber Crescent
Sutton Leach Catterall Avenue
Sutton Leach Wheatsheaf Avenue
Sutton Leach The Beeches
Sutton Leach Taunton Avenue
Clock Face Four Acre Lane
Clock Face Chester Lane
Sutton Manor Walkers Lane
Sutton Manor Rothbury Court
Sutton Manor Forest Road
Sutton Manor Chandlers Way
Sutton Manor Jubits Lane
Clock Face Cannon Street
Clock Face Pendlebury Street
Clock Face Tunstalls Way
Clock Face Field Road
Clock Face Gorsey Lane