Bus route

6 from Water Eaton Buttermere Close to Wolverton Church Street

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Wolverton Church Street
Water Eaton Buttermere Close
Operated by Arriva
Bletchley Grasmere Way
Bletchley Bala Way
Bletchley Fern Grove
Bletchley Sir Herbert Leon School
Bletchley Tulla Court
Bletchley Lomond Drive
Bletchley Arrow Place
Bletchley Santen Grove
Bletchley Windermere Drive
Bletchley Rydal Way
Bletchley Stoke Road
Water Eaton Co-Op
Water Eaton Road
Bletchley Brooklands Road
Bletchley Findlay Way
Bletchley Bus Station
Denbigh Bletchley Tesco
Mount Farm Stadium MK
Ashland Roundabout South
Ashland Roundabout East
Simpson Roundabout North
Netherfield Langland School
Eaglestone Milton Keynes Hospital
Coffee Hall Roundabout North
Eaglestone Golden Drive
Eaglestone Roundabout North
Fishermead Jubilee Wood School
Oldbrook South Saxon Roundabout South
Central Milton Keynes Xscape
Central Milton Keynes Theatre District
Central Milton Keynes The Point
Central Milton Keynes Central Business Exchange
Central Milton Keynes Santander House
Central Milton Keynes Central Railway Station
Rooksley Retail Park
Rooksley Roundabout South
Rooksley Roundabout North
Bradwell Priory Common School
Bancroft Roundabout South
Bancroft Roundabout West
Bradwell Colley Hill
Stacey Bushes Erica Road
Stacey Bushes Briar Hill
Stacey Bushes Local Centre
Hodge Lea Roundabout East
Hodge Lea Lane
Kiln Farm Pitfield
Fullers Slade Slade Lane
Fullers Slade Woolmans
Stony Stratford Galley Hill Local Centre
Stony Stratford Queen Eleanor Street
Stony Stratford Coronation Road
Stony Stratford Wolverton Road
Stony Stratford Woodside
Wolverton Mill Watermill Lane
Wolverton Mill Harnett Drive
Wolverton Christchuch Grove
Wolverton Police Station
Wolverton Crauford Arms
Wolverton Tesco
Wolverton Church Street