Bus route

48 from Leicester Haymarket Bus Station to Leicester Haymarket Bus Station

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Leicester Haymarket Bus Station
Leicester Haymarket Bus Station
Leicester Charles Street
Leicester Station Street
Leicester Prebend Street
Leicester Adventist Church
Southfields Regent Road
Leicester University
Leicester Wyggeston QE College
Leicester University Road
Leicester TA Centre
Leicester Clarendon Park Road
Knighton Fields Houlditch Road
Leicester Heather Road
Knighton Chapel Lane
Knighton Muston Gardens
Knighton Overdale Road
Knighton Palmerston Way
Knighton Highgate Drive
Wigston Fields Sainsbury's
Wigston Fields Carlton Drive
Wigston Magna Highfield Crescent
Wigston Magna Cleveland Road
Wigston Magna Church Nook
Wigston Magna Davenport Road
Wigston Magna Penzance Avenue
Wigston Magna Georgeham Close
Wigston Magna Durnford Road
Wigston Magna Little Hill Shops
Wigston Magna Ashton Close
Wigston Magna Pochins Close
Wigston Magna Birkett House School
Wigston Magna Council Offices
Wigston Magna Guthlaxton College
South Wigston Lansdowne Grove
South Wigston South Leicestershire College
South Wigston Leopold Street
South Wigston Jasmine Court
South Wigston Tigers Road
South Wigston Namur Road
South Wigston Dorset Avenue
Eyres Monsell Trenant Road
Eyres Monsell Lydall Road
Eyres Monsell Saffron Crossroads
Aylestone Broughton Road
Aylestone Saffron Way
Aylestone Cyprus Road
Aylestone The Fairway
Aylestone Heathcott Road
Aylestone Wren Close
Aylestone Recreation Ground
Aylestone Lansdowne Road
Aylestone Lothair Road
Aylestone Road
Leicester Raw Dykes Road
Leicester Sawday Street
Leicester Walnut Street
Leicester Royal Infirmary Hospital
Leicester Bonners Lane
Leicester Pocklingtons Walk
Leicester Town Hall Square
Leicester Charles Street
Leicester Haymarket Bus Station