Bus route

446 from Woodlesford North Ln Holmsley Field Lane to Sandal St. Thomas a Becket School
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Sandal St. Thomas a Becket School
Woodlesford North Ln Holmsley Field Lane
Leeds City Centre South Parade R7
Leeds City Centre Park Row
Leeds City Centre Boar Lane
Leeds City Centre York Street
Crown Point Black Bull Street
Crown Point LCC Printworks
Crown Point Brookfield Street
Hunslet Stafford Street
Hunslet Low Rd Church Street
Hunslet Low Rd Severn Road
Hunslet Thwaite Gate
Stourton First Direct
Stourton Queen Street
Stourton Leeds Valley Park
Rothwell Jaw Bones
Rothwell St George's Park
Rothwell Low Shops Lane
Rothwell Haigh Avenue
Rothwell Haigh Side Drive
Rothwell Haigh Road
John O'Gaunts Haigh Rd Churchfield Lane
John O'Gaunts Haigh Road Sandyacres
John O'Gaunts Haigh Rd Sandyacres Dr
John O'Gaunts Haigh Road Kings Mead
John O'Gaunts Holmsley Ln Sixth Avenue
Woodlesford Holmsley Lane Gypsy Ln
Woodlesford North Lane
Woodlesford Holmsley Lane Oulton Ln
Woodlesford Primary School
Woodlesford Station Lane Pottery Ln
Woodlesford Station Lane Aberford Rd
Woodlesford Aberford Rd Airedale Rd
Oulton Aberford Rd Fleet Lane
Oulton Aberford Rd St Johns Street
Oulton Grove Motel
Wakefield Rd Oulton Drive
Oulton Royds School
Oulton Wakefield Rd Pennington Lane
Stanley Aberford Rd Newmarket Lane
Stanley Aberford Rd Moorhouse Grove
Stanley The Spindle Tree PH
Stanley Aberford Road The Chase
Stanley Lake Lock Rd Lake Lock Grove
Stanley Lake Lock Rd Mount Road
Stanley Lake Lock Rd Marshall Street
Stanley Lake Lock Road Lane Ends View
Stanley Rooks Nest Rd Baker Lane
Stanley Rooks Nest Rd Clifton Avenue
Stanley Rooks Nest Road Broadmeadows
Outwood Rooks Nest Road Mountbatten Grove
Outwood Rooks Nest Rd Coach Road
Outwood Rooks Nest Rd Newton Lane
Outwood Ouchthorpe Lane Newton Ln
Pinderfields Ouchthorpe Lane Hatfield View
Pinderfields Fieldhead Hospital
Pinderfields Ouchthorpe Lane Bar Ln
Pinderfields Bar Lane Pinderflds Hospital
Pinderfields Hospital
Pinderfields Pinders Grove
Pinderfields Stanley Rd Ivy Grove
East Moor Stanley Rd Queen Elizabeth Road
Wakefield City Centre Back Duke Of York Street
Wakefield City Centre Bus Station stand 19
Wakefield City Centre Bus Station stand 21
Wakefield City Centre Kirkgate
Wakefield City Centre Kirkgate
Belle Isle Hepworth Gallery
Belle Isle Barnsley Road Bus Depot
Belle Isle Barnsley Rd Welbeck Street
Belle Isle Manygates House
Agbrigg Barnsley Road Burkill St
Sandal Barnsley Rd Agbrigg Road
Sandal St. Thomas a Becket School