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43 Newcastle to Cramlington and Morpeth

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Newcastle upon Tyne Haymarket Bus Station
Morpeth Bus Station
Morpeth Damside
Morpeth Castle Square
Morpeth Railway station
Stobhillgate Shields Road
Stobhillgate Jobling Crescent
Stobhill Manor Stobhill roundabout
Stobhill Manor Main Road
Hepscott Barmoor Farm
Hepscott Coalburn Terrace
Hepscott Road end
Hepscott Manor Farm
Hepscott Park Main entrance
Nedderton Stannington Station Road end
Nedderton Village
Nedderton Blue House Farm
Red House Farm Netherton Lane
Red House Farm Cemetery
Bedlington Ridge Farm
Bedlington Ridge Terrace
Red Lion Front Street West
Bedlington Market Place
Bedlington Millfield
Bedlington Attlee Park
Bebside Hall
Horton Church
Horton Three Horseshoes
East Hartford Boghouses
East Hartford Main Road
Northburn Crow Hall Lane north end
Northburn Crow Hall Lane
Northburn Nelson Drive roundabout
Nelson Village Entrance
Cramlington Retail Park
Cramlington Sunnyside
Cramlington Sainsbury's service entrance
Cramlington Dudley Lane Shops
Cramlington Whitelea
Southfield Stonelaw
Southfield Glenluce Drive roundabout
Southfield Barns Park
Northumberland Business Park Dudley Lane
Dudley Lane-Northern Terrace
Dudley Lane-Grieves Row
Dudley Lane-Meadowbank
Dudley Weetslade Road
Dudley Lane-Angerton Terrace
Dudley Lane-Green Crescent
Seaton Burn Dudley Lane-Greens House Farm
Seaton Burn Dudley Lane-Cemetery
Seaton Burn Dudley Lane-School
Seaton Burn Bridge Street - Dudley Lane
Seaton Burn Bridge Street-Burnbridge
Wideopen Great North Road-West View
Wideopen Great North Road-Harrow Gardens
Wideopen Great North Road-Church
Gosforth Newcastle Racecourse
Gosforth Great North Road-Glamis Avenue
Gosforth Great North Road-Norwood Avenue
Gosforth Brunton Park
Gosforth Great North Road-Three Mile Inn
Gosforth Great North Road-Broadway East
Gosforth Great North Road-Park Avenue
Gosforth Regent Centre Interchange
Gosforth Lansdowne Terrace
Gosforth High Street - S Cross Street
Gosforth High Street-Rosewood Terrace
Gosforth High Street-The Grove
Gosforth Great North Road-Moorfield
West Jesmond Great North Road-Blue House
West Jesmond Great North Road-Forsyth Road
West Jesmond Great North Road-Mooracres
Newcastle upon Tyne Great North Rd-Brandling Pk
Newcastle upon Tyne Haymarket Barras Bridge
Newcastle upon Tyne Haymarket Bus Station

Map data ©2022
Map data ©2022

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