Bus route

423/433 New Ash Green to Dartford and Bluewater Shopping Centre

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New Ash Green Redhill Wood
New Ash Green Bowes Wood
New Ash Green Westfield
New Ash Green Ash Road
New Ash Green Turner's Oak Shaw
New Ash Green North Square
New Ash Green Olivers Mill
Hartley The Black Lion
Hartley Chantry Avenue
Hartley St John's Lane
Hartley Cherry Trees
Hartley Well Field
Hartley Church Road Shops
Hartley Larks Field
Longfield Railway Station
Longfield Essex Road
Longfield Whitehill Crossroads
Longfield Mile End Green
Green Street Green Gill's Road
Green Street Green Malt House Farm
Green Street Green Green Spice
Darenth Primary School
Darenth Village Hall
Darenth Court Road
Darenth Coller Crescent
Darenth Hill Rise
Darenth Hill Rise
Darenth Watchgate
Darenth Gore Cottages
Darenth Gore Farm
Fleet Estate Gore Hill
Fleet Estate Lunedale Road
Dartford St James' Lane
Dartford Darent Valley Hospital
Bean Ightham Cottages
Bluewater Bus Station
Dartford St James' Lane
Lunedale Weardale Avenue
Fleet Estate Library
Lunedale Dale Walk
Lunedale Hesketh Avenue
Dartford Brent Lane East
Dartford Downs Avenue
Dartford Rochester Road
Dartford Livingstone Hospital
Dartford Holy Trinity Church
Dartford Lowfield Street
Dartford Instone Road
Dartford Home Gardens
Dartford Cranford Road
Dartford The Orange Tree
Wilmington Sackville Road
Wilmington Curates Way
Wilmington The Plough
Wilmington Stores
Wilmington Stores
Wilmington Academy
Wilmington Grammar School for Girls