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408/409 Pontefract to Doncaster

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Doncaster Town Centre Doncaster Interchange
Doncaster Town Centre North Bridge Road/Elwis Street
Bentley Road/Hunt Lane
Bentley Road/Yarborough Terrace
Bentley Road/Kirkby Avenue
Bentley Road/Bentley Road Garage
Bentley Road/Royston Avenue
Bentley Road/Broughton Avenue
Bentley High Street/Church Street
Bentley High Street/Central Avenue
Bentley Askern Road/Cooke Street
Bentley Askern Road/Denby Street
Bentley Askern Road/Fisher Street
Bentley Askern Road/Rosedale Road
Bentley Askern Road/Braithwell Road
Toll Bar Askern Road/Coney Road
Toll Bar Askern Road/Prospect Road
Toll Bar Askern Road/Adwick Lane
Toll Bar Doncaster Road/Bentley Moor Lane
Toll Bar Doncaster Road/Holme Lane
Toll Bar Doncaster Road/Askern Road
Owston Sutton Road/Doncaster Road
Sutton Road/Main Street
Sutton Road/Manor Farm Close
Instoneville Sutton Road/Alfred Road
Instoneville Sutton Road/Alfred Road
Instoneville Sutton Road/Avenue Road
Instoneville Sutton Road/Doncaster Road
Askern High Street/Doncaster Road
Askern Station Road/Spa Terrace
Askern Moss Road/Station Road
Askern Moss Road/Kings Road
Askern Moss Road/Sunnymeade Terrace
Askern Rushy Moor Lane/Rushy Moor Avenue
Askern Norbreck Road/Plantation Close
Askern Norbreck Road/Newmarche Drive
Askern Eden Drive/Coniston Road
Askern Moss Road/Newmarche Drive
Askern Moss Road/Highfield Road
Askern Moss Road/Thompson Terrace
Askern Station Road/High Street
Askern Selby Road/Campsall Road
Askern Campsall Road/Hilton Street
Askern Church Field Road/Beech Road
Campsall Church Field Road/Beech Road
Campsall Church Field Road/Park Drive
Church Field Road/Campsall Balk
Campsall Ryecroft Road/None
Norton Campsall Balk/West End Road
Norton Campsall Balk/West End Road
Norton West End Road/Manor Close
Norton West End Road/Broc-O-Bank
Norton Ryecroft Road/Cliff Hill Road
Campsall Ryecroft Road/Stygate Lane
Campsall Ryecroft Road/Church Field Road
Campsall The Avenue/Byron Avenue
Campsall High Street/Church View
Campsall Sutton Road/Back Lane
Campsall Bone Lane/Sutton Road
Barnsdale Bar Woodfield Road/Barnsdale Cottages
Barnsdale Bar Woodfield Road/Warren House
Thorpe Audlin Doncaster Rd Coal Pit Lane
Thorpe Audlin Mourning Field Lane
Thorpe Audlin Wentbridge Ln Doncaster Road
Great North Rd Wentbridge Lane
Wentbridge Old Great North Rd Moor Lane
Darrington Hotel Manor Park Rise
Darrington Estcourt Rd Thorntree Close
Darrington Estcourt Rd Sotheron Croft
Darrington West End Farm Escourt Road
Carleton Rd Moor Lane
Carleton St Michaels Church
Carleton Road Fair View
Carleton Road Green Ln
Carleton Rd Chestnut Grove
Carleton Crest Dr Churchbalk Drive
Carleton Crest Drive Woodland View
Carleton Rd Chestnut Grove
Carleton Park Road Lyon Rd
Carleton Park Rd Pease Close
Carleton Park Road Ackworth Rd
Pontefract Ackworth Road Hardwick Court
Pontefract Mill Hill Road Mayors Walk
Pontefract Southgate Jubilee Way
Pontefract Southgate General Hospital
Pontefract Bus Station stand B

Map data ©2022
Map data ©2022

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