Bus route

4 Derby to Alvaston

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Alvaston Stonesdale Court
Derby Osmaston Road
Derby Leopold Street
Rose Hill Hartington Street
Rose Hill Dashwood Street
Rose Hill Lower Dale Road
Normanton Stanhope Street
Normanton Sikh Temple
Normanton Crewe Street
Normanton Cavendish
Pear Tree Showcase Cinemas
Pear Tree Peartree Railway Station
Pear Tree Osmaston Park Sainsbury's
Osmaston Elton Road
Osmaston Arkwright Street
Osmaston Amber Street
Osmaston Tower Street
Allenton The Mitre
Allenton Ashby Street
Alvaston Coleman Street
Alvaston Matthew Street
Alvaston Wyndham Street
Alvaston Blue Peter
Alvaston Nunsfield Drive
Alvaston The Lodge
Alvaston Lindon Road
Alvaston Bembridge Drive Top
Alvaston Goodwood Drive
Alvaston Cadwell Close
Alvaston James Wyatt
Alvaston Stonesdale Court