Bus route

4/5/6 Macclesfield to Upton Priory

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Macclesfield Bus Station
Macclesfield Harvest Printers
Macclesfield Park Road
Macclesfield Bond Street
Macclesfield College
Weston The Flower Pot
Weston Hazelmere Avenue
Weston The Ivy Leaf Hotel
Weston St John's School
Weston Earlsway
Weston Countess Road
Weston Library
Weston Shops
Weston Kendal Road
Weston Gawsworth Road
Weston Bostock Road
Broken Cross Pexhill Road
Broken Cross Shops
Broken Cross Fallibroome Close
Upton Priory Keats Drive
Upton Priory Berkshire Close
Upton Priory Millbank Drive
Upton Priory Prestbury Road
Macclesfield Huxley Close
Macclesfield Shops
Macclesfield Abbey Road
Macclesfield The King's School
Macclesfield Sainsbury's
Macclesfield King Edward Street
Macclesfield Tesco
Macclesfield Lord Street Alighting Only
Macclesfield Railway Station
Macclesfield Bus Station