Bus route

29/29A Leicester to Swadlincote

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Leicester Gravel Street
Frog Island Pasture Lane
Frog Island The New Joiners
Frog Island Slater Street
Frog Island Dunton Street
Leicester Fosse Road Corner
Leicester Garland Crescent
Leicester Frith Mary Road
Leicester Frith Darlington Road
Leicester Frith Heathley Park Drive
Leicester Frith Gilroes Cemetery
Leicester Glenfield Hospital
Glenfield Frith Drive
Glenfield County Hall
Glenfield Gynsill Lane
Glenfield Overdale Avenue
Groby Marina Drive
Groby Marston Drive
Groby Pymm Ley Lane
Groby Stamford Arms
Groby Lena Drive
Groby Quarry House
Markfield Field Head Hotel
Markfield Cemetery
Markfield Meadow Lane
Markfield Bradgate Road
Markfield Linford Crescent
Markfield The Chase
Markfield Croftway
Markfield The Green
Markfield Co-op
Markfield Park Avenue
Markfield Upland Drive
Markfield Main Street
Markfield Hill Lane
Markfield Cliffe Hill Farm
Markfield Services
Billa Barra Flying Horse
Billa Barra Upton & Sons
Billa Barra Lane
Bardon Charnwood Arms
Bardon DHL
Bardon Birch Tree
Coalville Bardon Close
Coalville Waterworks Road
Coalville Youth Centre
Coalville Woodhouse Road
Coalville Charnborough Road
Coalville Smith Crescent
Coalville Greenhill Road
Coalville Cricket Ground
Coalville Blackwood
Whitwick Tressall Road
Whitwick Torrington Avenue
Whitwick Petersfield Road
Whitwick Rosslyn Road
Whitwick George Street
Whitwick Ferrers Road
Whitwick Day Nursery
Whitwick Church Lane
Whitwick Pares Close
New Swannington Brooks Lane
New Swannington Howe Court
New Swannington Church Lane
New Swannington Church Lane
New Swannington Spring Lane
Coalville Stephenson College
Coalville Comet Way
Coalville Albert Road
Coalville Ford Garage
Coalville Family Centre
Coalville Memorial Square