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24/X24 Durham to Hartlepool

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Durham North Rd Temporary Stop E
Marina Asda
Marina National Museum of the Royal Navy
Hartlepool Victoria Road - Grand Hotel
Hartlepool Victoria Road - Avenue Road
Hartlepool Carlton Bingo
Hartlepool Mill House Leisure Centre
Dyke House Grainger Street
Dyke House Phillips Road
Dyke House Wharton Terrace
Dyke House Sports & Technology College
West View Richardsons & Westgarth Social Club
West View Holdforth Road East End
Dyke House University Hospital
West View Lightfoot Crescent
West View Mayfield Park
West View John Howe Gardens
Hart Station Miller Crescent
Hart Station Parkstone Grove
Hart Station Verner Road
Hart Station Seaview Residential Park
Hart Station Crimdon House Farm
Crimdon Dene
Crimdon Holiday Park Entrance
Crimdon Terrace
Blackhall Rocks Broad Rd - Belmonte Ave
Blackhall Rocks Post Office
Blackhall Colliery Leaholme Terrace
Blackhall Colliery Co-op Store
Blackhall Colliery Schools
Blackhall Colliery Blackhall Bank
Horden Dene Villas
Horden Hawthorne Crescent
Horden Yoden Way
Peterlee Yoden Way - Chapel Hill Road
Peterlee Fulwell Road
Peterlee Manor Way - Hatfield
Peterlee Manor Way - Labour Club
Peterlee St Cuthberts Road
Peterlee Bus Station
Peterlee Passfield Way - Southway
Peterlee Southway - Dart Road
Peterlee Hearts of Oak
Peterlee Severn Close
Peterlee Sunny Blunts
Peterlee Bywell Drive
Peterlee Brancepeth Close
Peterlee Durham Way - Barnard Wynd
Peterlee Brougham Court
Peterlee Durham Way - Passfield Way
Peterlee Shotton Hall School
Peterlee Pennine Drive - Brecon Close
Peterlee Pennine Drive - Polden Close
Peterlee Pennine Drive - Schools
Peterlee Pennine Dr - Cheviot Place
Peterlee Moorcock
Peterlee Shotton Road Flyover
Shotton Colliery Whitehouse Crescent
Shotton Colliery Church Street
Shotton Colliery Front Street
Shotton Colliery Post Office
Shotton Colliery Carlyle Crescent
Shotton Colliery Bruce Glasier Terrace
Shotton Colliery Grove Court
Shotton Colliery Lee Terrace
Shotton Colliery Westgarth Grove
Shotton Colliery Fleming Field
Shotton Colliery Haswell Moor
Haswell Pemberton Arms
Haswell Hospital Farm
Haswell Pesspool Avenue
Haswell Odd Fellows Arms
Haswell Church View
Haswell Nursery
Haswell High Row
Haswell Plough Gloucester Terrace
Haswell Plough Hessewelle Crescent
Haswell Plough The Plough - South
Ludworth Post Office
Ludworth Church
Ludworth Tower Farm
Shadforth Paradise Cottages
Shadforth Plough Inn
Shadforth Church Lane
Shadforth Crime Rigg Bank
Sherburn Hill Salvation Army
Sherburn Hill Moor Edge
Sherburn Hill Aged Miners Homes
Sherburn Hill Railway Bridge
Sherburn Broadview Villas
Sherburn Crossroads
Sherburn Church
Sherburn Road Sherburn Grange Farm
Sherburn Road Motorway Bridge
Sherburn Road Dragon Lane End
Sherburn Road Bingo
Sherburn Road Moorlands
Durham Sherburn Road
Durham Magdalene Street
Durham Leazes Road - Millburngate Bridge
Durham North Rd Temporary Stop E

Map data ©2022
Map data ©2022

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