Bus route

233 Huddersfield to Denby Dale

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Huddersfield Town Centre Bus Station
Shelley College
Operated by Arriva
Denby Dale Rail Station
Denby Dale Railway Station
Denby Dale Wakefield Road Wood Nook
Denby Dale Wakefield Road Leak Hall Cresc
Denby Dale Wakefield Rd Gilthwaites Lane
Denby Dale Gilthwaites Lane Withyside
Denby Dale Gilthwaites Lane Rockwood Rise
Denby Dale Gilthwaites Crescent Gilthwaite Top
Denby Dale Gilthwaites Crescent Thorpes Ave
Denby Dale Wakefield Rd Weavers Walk
Scissett Wakefield Rd Kitchenroyd Terrace
Scissett Wakefield Rd Highbridge Lane
Scissett Church Wakefield Road
Clayton West Barnsley Road Springfield Ave
Clayton West Chapel Hill Duke Wood Road
Clayton West Chapel Hill Victoria St
Clayton West Shoulder Of Mutton
Clayton West Scott Hill Church Lane
Clayton West Kirklees Light Railway Station
Clayton West Long Lane Wakefield Rd
Clayton West Wakefield Rd Park Road
Clayton West Wakefield Rd Park Mill Way
Clayton West Wakefield Rd Albert Road
Wakefield Road Scissett Baths
Scissett Wakefield Road Church
Scissett Wakefield Rd Bagden Lane
Skelmanthorpe Commercial Rd Windmill Crescent
Skelmanthorpe Commercial Road Barrowstead
Skelmanthorpe Commercial Road Queen St
Skelmanthorpe Commercial Road New St
Skelmanthorpe The Grove Inn
Skelmanthorpe Huddersfield Road Reservoir view
Huddersfield Road Shelley College
Shelley Huddersfield Rd Woodhouse Lane
Shelley Huddersfield Rd Moseley Lane
Shelley Huddersfield Road Kirlea
Shelley Huddersfield Road Near Bank
Shelley Far Bank Near Bank
Shelley Huddersfield Rd Back Lane
Shelley Huddersfield Rd Westerly Way
Kirkburton Huddersfield Rd Cross Lane
Kirkburton Huddersfield Rd Shelley Lane Estate
Kirkburton George Street Low Gate
Kirkburton Turnshaw Rd North Road
Kirkburton Turnshaw Road School Hill
Kirkburton Turnshaw Rd Turnshaw Avenue
Kirkburton Turnshaw Rd Paddock Road
Kirkburton Paddock Rd The Crescent
Kirkburton Paddock Rd Moor Lane
Highburton Moor Lane Cotswold Mews
Highburton Moor Lane Burton Acres Wy
Highburton Town Gate Burton Acres Lane
Highburton Far Dene Primrose Lane
Highburton Far Dene Penistone Road
Highburton Penistone Road Far Dean
Fenay Bridge Penistone Road High Burton
Fenay Bridge Penistone Road Ashfield Manor
Fenay Bridge Penistone Rd Rowley Lane
Fenay Bridge Penistone Rd Whitegates Grove
Fenay Bridge Penistone Rd Station Road
Fenay Bridge Penistone Rd Fenay Lane
Fenay Bridge Penistone Rd Southfield Road
Waterloo Penistone Rd Fenay Lea Drive
Waterloo Penistone Rd Mountfield Road
Waterloo Penistone Road
Wakefield Road Waterloo Rise
Waterloo Wakefield Rd Cross Green Road
Dalton Wakefield Rd Greenhead Lane
Dalton Wakefield Rd Mayfield Avenue
Dalton Wakefield Rd Grosvenor Road
Moldgreen Wakefield Rd Broad Lane
Moldgreen Wakefield Rd Trevelyan Street
Moldgreen Wakefield Rd Poplar Street
Aspley Wakefield Rd Smithy Lane
Aspley St Andrews Road
Aspley Wakefield Rd Sand Street
Huddersfield Town Centre Southgate
Huddersfield Town Centre Kirkgate
Huddersfield Town Centre Westgate
Huddersfield Town Centre Bus Station