Bus route

22/24 Derby to Chaddesden

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Derby Bus Station
Chaddesden Wayzgoose Drive
Chaddesden Francis Street
Chaddesden Cardigan Street
Chaddesden Pembroke Street
Chaddesden Hampshire Road
Chaddesden Wiltshire Road Top
Chaddesden Sussex Circus Top
Chaddesden Tewkesbury Crescent
Chaddesden Camborne Close
Chaddesden Bexhill Walk
Breadsall Hilltop The Rocket
Breadsall Hilltop Horncastle Road
Breadsall Hilltop Hawkshead Avenue
Breadsall Hilltop Pickering Rise
Breadsall Hilltop Skipton Green
Breadsall Hilltop Old Mansfield Road
Breadsall Hilltop Elmwood Drive
Breadsall Hilltop Stratford Road
Oakwood Lychgate Close
Oakwood Spindletree Drive
Oakwood Sedgebrook Close
Oakwood Santolina Drive
Oakwood Wayfaring Road
Chaddesden Fernilee Gardens
Chaddesden Birchover Rise
Chaddesden Brassington Road
Chaddesden Wollaton Road
Chaddesden Canterbury Street
Chaddesden Marjorie Road
Chaddesden Worcester Crescent
Chaddesden Sussex Circus
Chaddesden Selkirk Street
Chaddesden Wiltshire Cardigan
Chaddesden Blue Boy
Chaddesden Durham Avenue
Chaddesden Nottingham Road Cemetery
Chaddesden Cornwall Road
Chaddesden Wayzgoose Drive
Derby Bus Station