Bus route

188 from Knottingley Fernley Green to Wakefield City Centre Bus Station stand 17

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Wakefield City Centre Bus Station stand 17
Knottingley Fernley Green
Knottingley Womersley Road Weeland Rd
Knottingley Windermere Drive Loweswater Rd
Knottingley Windermere Dri Ennerdale Drive
Knottingley Sycamore Ave Crummock Place
Knottingley Hazel Road Cedar Walk
Knottingley Hazel Rd Kershaw Lane
Knottingley Spawd Bone Lane Hazel Rd
Knottingley Spawd Bone Lane The Ridgeway
Knottingley Spawd Bone Lane Northfield Ave
Knottingley Spawd Bone Lane England Ln
Knottingley Spawd Bone Lane High School
Knottingley Womersley Road Weeland Rd
Knottingley Weeland Rd England Lane
Knottingley Town Hall
Knottingley Hill Top Forge Hill Ln
Knottingley Ferrybridge Road Hill Top
Ferrybridge Fishergate Vale Crescent
Ferrybridge Fishergate Pinders Garth
Ferrybridge Argyle Road Broughtons Yard
Ferrybridge The Square
Ferrybridge Castleford Lane Pontefract Rd
Ferrybridge Castleford Lane Richmond Ave
Ferrybridge Stranglands Lane Castleford Ln
Townville Sheepwalk Ln Holmfield Lane
Townville Sheepwalk Lane Hillcrest Ave
Townville Sheepwalk Lane Davis Ave
Townville Sheepwalk Ln Poplar Avenue
Townville Sheepwalk Lane Gypsy Ln
Townville Sheepwalk Lane Woodlands Ave
Townville Fryston Road Redhill Dr
Townville Fryston Rd Airedale Road
Airedale Fryston Rd Milnes Grove
Airedale Fryston Road Kershaw Ave
Airedale The Square
Airedale Fryston Road Leyland Rd
Airedale Fryston Rd Elizabeth Drive
Airedale Fryston Road Park Dale
Airedale Fryston Road Wheldon Rd
Fryston Village Wheldon Rd Fryston Road
Fryston Village Colliery Village South View
Fryston Village Wheldon Road Silkstone
Fryston Village Wheldon Rd Fryston Road
Castleford Wheldon Road Stansfield Rd
Castleford Wheldon Road Smith St
Castleford Wheldon Rd Princess Street
Castleford The Garden House PH
Castleford Aire Street
Castleford Bank Street
Castleford Bus Station stand K
Castleford Lumley St Aketon Road
Castleford Lumley Street Saville Park
Castleford District Hospital
Castleford Lumley Street District Hospital
Whitwood Lumley Street Lumley Hill
Whitwood Willowbridge Lane College Grove
Whitwood Ln Willowbridge Lane
Whitwood Ln California Drive
California Dr Whitwood Lane
Whitwood California Drive Mill Ln
Whitwood Express Wy Pope Street
Altofts Tuscany Wy Express Way
Altofts Tuscany Way J31 Park
Altofts Tuscany Wy Express Way
Altofts Tuscany Wy Express Way
Altofts Express Way Tuscany Wy
Altofts Express Way Tuscany Wy
Altofts Express Wy Tuscany Way
Whitwood Pope Street Express Wy
Altofts Pope Street Railway Cottages
Altofts Pope Street Co-operative Terrace
Altofts Miners Arms PH
Altofts Church Road Stuart Grove
Altofts Church Rd The Crescent
Altofts Church Road Library
Altofts High Green Rd Garforth Drive
Altofts High Green Rd Patience Lane
Altofts Lee Brig Coronation Avenue
Altofts Station Road Hanby Ave
Normanton Station Rd Ash Tree Gardens
Normanton Altofts Road Railway Bridge
Normanton Market Place
Normanton Wakefield Rd Buckle Lane
Normanton Wakefield Rd Cambridge Street
Normanton Church Lane Wakefield Rd
Normanton Dalefield Road Church Ln
Normanton Dalefield Rd Potts Terrace
Normanton Favell Avenue Dalefield Rd
Normanton Favell Avenue Neville St
Normanton Favell Avenue Snydale Rd
Normanton Snydale Rd Kingston Drive
Normanton Snydale Rd Addison Avenue
Normanton Dalefield Road Cecily Close
Normanton Henderson Avenue Dalefield Rd
Normanton Henderson Ave Queen Elizabeth Drive
Normanton Queen Elizabeth Drive Cedar Rd
Normanton Queen Elizabeth Dr Greenwood Close
Normanton Queen Elizabeth Drive Queensway
Normanton Queen Elizabeth Dr Walnut Drive
Normanton South St Wakefield Road
Normanton Wakefield Rd Sylvester Avenue
Warmfield Lane Boundary Ln
Kirkthorpe Lane Park Ave
Kirkthorpe Lane Church Ave
Kirkthorpe Lane Half Moon Ln
Kirkthorpe Lane Heath Hall
Heath Kirkthorpe Ln Almshouse Lane
Heath Common Doncaster Rd Black Road
Belle Vue Doncaster Road Dunbar St
Doncaster Road Belle Vue
Belle Vue Doncaster Road Sugar Ln
Belle Isle Doncaster Rd Chancel Road
Wakefield City Centre Kirkgate
Wakefield City Centre Kirkgate
Wakefield City Centre Union Street
Wakefield City Centre Bus Station stand 17

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