Bus route

116 from High Town Harp Inn to Weston Heath Countess's Arms

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Weston Heath Countess's Arms
High Town Harp Inn
Castle Hill New Road Jct
Castle Hill Riverside Wines
Low Town Fosters Arms PH
Stanmore Roundabout
Swancote Farm
Roughton Jct
Wyken Wheel Inn
Worfield War Memorial
Worfield Hallon Close Jct
Ackleton Maltings Close Jct
Ackleton Red Cow Inn
Stableford The Walford Garden
Badger Town Pool
Beckbury Church
Beckbury Ryton Road Jct
Ryton Cottage
Grindle House
Kemberton Village
Hem Lane Jct
Shifnal St Mary's Church
Shifnal Jaspers Bar
Shifnal The Wheatsheaf
Shifnal Drayton Road Jct
Crackleybank Village Farm
Sherriffhales Crossroads
Sherriffhales Post Office
Weston Heath No. 101
Weston Heath Countess's Arms