Bus route

10/10A St Helens to Liverpool

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St Helens Bus Station
St Helens Exchange Street
Green Bank Linkway West
Green Bank The Shires
Ravenhead Prescot Road
West Park Dunriding Lane
West Park Roby Street
Grange Park Margery Road
Grange Park No. 411
Grange Park Freckleton Road
Grange Park Seascale Avenue
Grange Park Hill School Road
Eccleston Park Tern Way
Eccleston Park Valencia Grove
Eccleston Park Central Avenue
Eccleston Park Albany Avenue
Prescot St. James Road
Prescot Cross Street
Prescot Grosvenor Road
Prescot Church Street
Prescot Knowsley Park Lane
Prescot Mitchell Road
Prescot Huyton Lane
Knowsley Blenheim Drive
Knowsley Lyme Cross Road
Knowsley Longview Lane
Knowsley Bluebell Lane
Knowsley Seth Powell Way
Woolfall Heath Cuper Crescent
Woolfall Heath Lincombe Road
Fincham Page Moss Avenue
Dovecot Ashover Avenue
Dovecot Somerford Road
Dovecot Avenue
Dovecot Churchdown Grove
Dovecot Pilch Bank Road
Knotty Ash Thomas Lane
Knotty Ash Rudyard Road
Broadgreen Queens Drive
Old Swan Belfast Road
Old Swan Bell Street
Old Swan Herrick Street
Stanley Barrymore Road
Stanley Endsleigh Road
Kensington Prescot Drive
Kensington Holland Street
Elm Park Lilley Road
Kensington Kelso Road
Kensington Hawkins Street
Kensington Gwenfron Road
Kensington Guelph Place
Liverpool Epworth Street
Liverpool Greek Street
Liverpool Lord Nelson Street
Liverpool Queen Square Bus Station