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1 Shrewsbury to Monkmoor

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Shrewsbury Bus Station
Monkmoor Spar Stores
Monkmoor No. 63
Monkmoor Bewdley Avenue Jct
Monkmoor Corseley Avenue Jct
Belvidere Fearn Drive Jct
Belvidere Galton Drive Jct
Belvidere PH
Belvidere Upton Lane Jct
Belvidere Abbots Road Jct
Monkmoor Connyger Crescent Jct
Monkmoor Clive Road Jct
Monkmoor Hotel
Monkmoor St Peters Church
Monkmoor Racecourse Crescent Jct
Monkmoor Crowmere Road
Monkmoor Whitehall Street Jct
Abbey Foregate The Dun Cow
Abbey Foregate Abbey Church
Shrewsbury St. Julians Friars
Shrewsbury The Square
Shrewsbury Market Hall
Shrewsbury Rowleys House
Shrewsbury Bus Station

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