North Star Housing Group

Great travel offer for North Star Housing Group

Save big time with monthly tickets by Direct Debit

Arriva and North Star Housing Group have joined together to offer savings on local Arriva bus travel


  • Payment by Direct Debit
  • Monthly tickets
  • No photo required
  • Unlimited bus travel every month in the zone(s) of your choice
  • No minimum contract - join and leave when you want with no penalty
  • Up to two children travel free with the ticket holder at weekends and bank holidays. You must select ‘paper ticket’ when signing up for the Travel Club
  • Never lose your ticket again - you can choose to have it delivered to your mobile phone with the Arriva UK Bus app if you wish

How the scheme works

It's a simple 2-step process to get your ticket.

Step 1: order your ticket online by choosing your local travel zone from the list below

  • Complete the online application form by clicking the 'apply now' button - you will need your bank account details
  • Payments are taken on the 1st or 15th of each month
  • Please allow at least 2 weeks to register before the date of your first Direct Debit payment
  • For payments on the 1st, tickets are dispatched and commence on the 12th of the month
  • Payments made on the 15th are dispatched and commence on the 27th of each month
  • Please note the nearest Direct Debit date will be the default option to choose

Step 2: receive your ticket in the post each month

You can also have m-tickets delivered to your iPhone or Android handset. To receive an m-ticket, you must download the free Arriva UK Bus app and register your details. Download the app now:

Ticket prices

County Durham, Darlington and Teesside area

ZoneCost of monthly Direct DebitCost of normal 4-Weekly Saver ticketYour annual saving*Zone map
Bishop Auckland£45.34£54£157.92View map
Darlington Town£39.17£45£114.96View map
Darlington District£44.17£58£223.96

View map

Durham City£44.59£52£140.92View map 
Durham City and Brandon£44.59£52£140.92View map 
Durham District£54.34£64£179.92View map 
Durham County£79.34£90£217.92View map 
Redcar£36.42£44£134.96View map 
Teesside£48.84£65£258.92View map 
Teesside and East Cleveland£54.17£75£324.96View map 
Tees Valley£81.42£87£153.96View map 
North East Regionwide£86.25£100£265.00View map

East Durham area

ZoneCost of monthly Direct DebitCost of normal 4-Weekly Saver ticketYour annual saving*Zone map
Sunderland and Seaham£49.17£64£241.96View map
Peterlee£49.17£64£241.96View map
Hartlepool£49.17£64£241.96View map
East Durham All Zones£69.00£82£238.00View map

Northumberland and Tyne and Wear area

ZoneCost of monthly Direct DebitCost of normal 4-Weekly Saver ticketYour annual saving*Zone map
Ashington£54.34£68£231.92View map
Blyth£54.34£68£231.92View map
Morpeth£54.34£68£231.92View map
Tyne and Wear£54.34£68£231.92View map
Tyne Valley£54.34£68£231.92View map

Blyth and Ashington

£82.42£90£180.96View map
Blyth and Morpeth£82.42£90£180.96View map 
Blyth plus Tyne and Wear£82.42£90£180.96View map
Morpeth and Ashington£82.42£90£180.96View map
Tyne Valley plus Tyne and Wear£82.42£90£180.96View map

Routesaver tickets

ZoneCost of monthly Direct DebitCost of normal 4-Weekly Saver ticketYour annual saving*
Cramlington Routesaver£55.67£67£202.96
X1 Routesaver£69.00£76£160.00
X3/X4 Routesaver £42.67£57£228.96
X12 Routesaver£42.67£51£150.96
Service 6 Routesaver £51.09£57£127.92
Service 6 Routesaver Plus£56.09£64£158.92
Coastliner Routesaver£48.17£53£110.96
Killingworth Routesaver£43.00£40£4.00
Quorum Routesaver£43.00£40£4.00
Morpeth Routesaver£76.75£82£145.00
Rothbury Routesaver£78.50£86£176.00


*Annual saving calculated based on the cost 13 x 4-Weekly Saver ticket vs 12 x monthly Direct Debit payment.

If you have any queries about the Employer Travel Club or which ticket zone you need, please email us at [email protected] 

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