ArrivaClick Watford

ArrivaClick is the smarter way to get around Watford covering the town centre, Warner Bros Studios at Leavesden, Watford Football Club, and many surrounding areas.

ArrivaClick is a bookable, ‘street to street’ service. Passengers will no longer have to wait at the bus stop, and instead will be picked up at an agreed time within a near by pick-up point, and dropped off as close to their final destination as possible.

Our revolutionary service allows passengers to seamlessly share their journey with others going their way. Book a journey in under a second and our powerful algorithm matches you with a premium minibus that will pick you up in around 5 minutes.

Our normal opening times are 6am - 10pm Monday to Thursday, 6am - 11pm Friday and Saturday and 8am - 9pm Sunday.

Where you can go

The map below shows where you can travel to in Watford via ArrivaClick.

How much are ArrivaClick fares in Watford?

ArrivaClick journeys start at just £1. Our fares are based on how far you go and when you travel. Prices vary depending on dates, times and other factors. But you'll always know the exact fare before you book - just check your app.

Best ways to pay

Buy an ArrivaClick Pass

Are you a frequent rider? Our ArrivaClick Pass will be your cheapest option.



Weekly Commuter PassA limit of two rides a day£27
Weekly Unlimited PassUnlimited rides all week£35

Terms and Conditions apply.

Want to save even more?

Get a bonus with our credit bundles

The bigger the ArrivaClick credit bundle you buy, the more extra credit you get.

  • Buy £10 and get £1's worth of travel for free
  • Buy £20 and get £3 free
  • Buy £50 and get £10 free
  • Buy £100 and get £25 free

So you're never without some credit, you can set up an automatic £20 top-up when your balance gets down to £10.

Introduce a friend

When you refer a friend and they take their first trip, we'll give both of you £7.50 to spend on future journeys.

Pay as you go

You can pay as you go without credit or passes if you prefer.

Free ArrivaClick transport for COVID-19 vaccines

The service is easy to book via a simple smartphone app which can be found by searching ‘ArrivaClick Watford’ in the Apple or Google Play stores.

  1. Download and sign up to the ‘ArrivaClick Watford’ app
  2. Open the app menu, select ‘Promo Codes’ and enter the codes Vaccine1 and Vaccine2
  3. Plan and book your journey
  4. Walk to your collection point as advised by the app and jump on board
  5. Show the driver proof of your vaccine appointment booking when prompted

Download the Arriva Click App today

Using the ArrivaClick app is easy - you can book, pay and track all through the app.

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